Why is Figure Skating Popular ?

In America, figure skating is less popular if it is compared to Japan and Korea. Since Mirai Nagasu and her brother own a medal at Winter Olympic 2018, figure skating has been a new thing in America. People tend to look for about the news like how to play figure skating, how to be figure skater, and how to play figure skating with the very basic skill. If we are asking fans of figure skating, it must be because of the beauty. The figure skaters do it like they are dancing and it is just so amazing to see. One of the most popular skaters is Yuzuru Hanyu. There have been so many international fans adoring him and making him their public figure. Another thing to see is the beauty of Javier and Yuzuru’s bromance. Besides, that figure skating will always be popular. No matter how fans fight to each other due to countries lost, figure skating will keep being loved generally by the international fans.
As we are talking about popular figure skater that might have strong influence on it, we need to see the technical thing on figure skating because it is more important when someone needs to know about it. In US, back then figure skating was so popular because US had good history on it as ISUA is also one of the oldest members in ISUA. No wonder if figure skating in USA had been popular. It was dropping and now it is slowly coming back to the peak since Mirai Nagasu won a medal. It is good thing because no matter how the journey is, Mirai Nagasu has been playing good role in boosting the popularity of figure skating generally. She and her brother had shown to the world about how to respect diversity. Solid American should go together when they bring the name. Figure skating since Nagasu has been reborn and it deserves respect, appreciation and less discrimination to immigrant and Asian.
If you see Javier, Yulia, Yuzuru, Kim Yuna and more, it is common as they have been rooted for it. They have blood on it. Javier who is Spanish represent Spain in Olympic. Then, Nagasu’s brother and sister as they have Asian blood on them, it has good impact in America. Winning a medal in world-class competition, as the children of Immigrant, it is so important for the movement. We all know how politic has been so wildly crazy because of the hatred, the social issue and more. Then, figure skating in 2018 Winter Olympic comes as the cure to the hatred. Nagasu is the symbol of true diversity in America. Their parents might not be Native American, but they were born in America and they represent America. There is nothing like reasons to hate immigrant as now Nagasu showed their loyalty to their country in Olympic. There is no statement like “If Nagasu wins, they’re American, if they don’t, they’re just Asian” It is cruel. Thus, this social phenomenon has been boosting the name of figure skating in America and that is why it is so popular now.