Betting on ice hockey: how does it work?

To place winning bets on ice hockey, you need to understand how the game works. Each match has two teams with six players. There is one goaltender, five skaters, three forwards and two defensemen on each team. The three forward positions are right-wing, center and left-wing. The average roster includes 20 players. Since ice hockey is a high-contact sport, unlimited substitutions are available during the match.

The object of ice hockey is to score goals by using a hockey stick to hit the puck. The length of a match is one hour with three periods lasting 20 minutes each. Each period begins with a face-off where one player from each team attempts to possess the puck once the referee drops it into the center circle. The team scoring the most goals wins the game.

Betting Markets

Nearly all the soccer betting markets apply to ice hockey including:

• Winner of a cup or league
• Both teams to score
• Next goalscorer
• Winner of the individual games
• Over/under
• First goalscorer

The word ice is not always included in hockey terms such as hockey stats or hockey odds. There is a wide variety of betting markets associated with ice hockey from general to unique. The most popular markets include:

Tournament Outrights

An outright bet is betting a certain team will win a specific competition. During the ice hockey season, you have numerous options for betting. The Ice Hockey World Championship is an international competition held every year. Ice hockey is also included in the Winter Olympics every four years. You can bet on the competition itself, individual groups or the outright winner.

The club level includes numerous outright betting options. The NHL offers two Divisional titles for both Conferences. The best eight teams are chosen from each Conference to participate in the playoffs. The final two teams for the Conferences play the Conference Finals. The Prince of Wales Trophy is awarded to the winning team for the Eastern Conference.

The Clarence S Campbell Bowl is received by the team winning the Western Conference. The two winning teams then play the Stanley Cup, the highest honor for professional ice hockey. The team completing the regular season with the most points is awarded the President’s trophy. Other major ice hockey teams including the American Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League and Kontinental Hockey League follow the NHL format with similar options for outright bets.

Match Result

This type of bet is straightforward but includes a caveat. Your place your bet on the team you expect to win the game. The restriction is your team must win within the 60 minute regulation time period. Although you might have seen draws in exhibition matches, competitive ice hockey is the opposite. If the game is tied after 60 minutes, the overtime Golden Rule determines the outcome. The first team to score is the winner.

In order to win, you must place your bet on the winning team whether the win occurs within 60 minutes or in overtime.

Total Goals Over/Under

This is when you bet on the number of goals scored during the game. If you believe the game will end with a score of three-two, you add a total of nine goals. If you believe a minimum of six goals will be scored, your bet is +5.5. If you think a maximum of five goals will be scored, your bet is -5.5.

Puck Line Handicaps

Ice hockey betting puck line is a unique phrase for the sport. This is essentially a variation of typical spread betting. The point spread for spread betting is applied to both the underdog and the favorite. The puck line is usually 1.5. The handicap for the goal puck line is +1.5 and received by the underdog. If you bet on this team, you can only win if they do not lose the game by two or more goals.

The puck line handicap is -1.5 for the favorite team. You can only win if the team wins the game by a minimum of two goals.

Correct Score

The correct score is when you bet on what you believe the score will be when the game ends. If you believe there will be a tie once the regulation time ends, you can place your wager on the scoreline. If you think your favorite team will win six to one, this is the scoreline you will use to place your bet. You need to determine what you believe will be the scoreline and place your bet accordingly.

Betting the Odds

No matter which market or sport you are betting on, one law is fundamental for every bet. The key to winning is the odds. The amount you win from your bet is always determined by the odds. The same is true for ice hockey betting. Almost all sport betting sites display the odds of winning with three different options. Ireland and the United Kingdom generally use fractions.

The Southern Hemisphere and Europe generally use decimals. North America uses a MoneyLine. You must determine the odds according to the way they are displayed and the laws of probability. The odds for ice hockey are a representation of the probability of the game result. A good example is a championship game between the United Kingdom and the United States.

The betting odds are also called implied probability. This is a representation of the likelihood of the game ending in a specific way. This means if the United States team is listed at a 2.5 probability of winning against the United Kingdom, this is the belief of the bookmaker regarding the odds of the United States winning the match. If you want to win the majority of your bets, you must understand implied probability.

Implied probability is both a fundamental and critical aspect of successful betting regardless of the sport. Once you understand how odds are converted into implied probability, the chances of becoming successful for the long-term greatly improve. Another good example is a different game between the United States and the United Kingdom with the chance of the United States winning at 40 percent.

You have to decide if placing a bet on the United States to win is worth the risk. You need to have a valid reason for choosing the United States. The form guides might indicate the odds of the United States winning are favorable, tips from the betting experts are recommending betting on the United States or key members of the United Kingdom team have sustained injuries.

Betting Strategies

A lot of people make bets on instinct, basing their bets on impulsiveness as opposed to strategy. Keep in mind if you take the time to formulate a good strategy encompassing all of the factors, you will outperform anyone making bets according to hunches, feelings or instincts. Ice hockey is no different than betting on any sport in the sense that using a strategy always increases your chances of winning.

This does not mean you will win every bet, but whether your strategy is complex or simple your odds will improve. When your predictions are more accurate and you take the time to conduct research about the teams participating in the match, your bets will be more likely to win. Thoroughly examine the team forms. Take a close look at their performance both on the road and at home.

Certain teams will perform better at home. Sometimes, the fans are incredibly close to the action. When this happens, the fans are so involved they almost become part of the team on the ice. When a team has this much support at home, they are often extremely difficult to beat. Other teams play incredibly well on the road, especially if the home team is experiencing a losing streak resulting in unhappy fans.

Understanding which team is stronger at home and the team with an advantage when on the road is a type of strategy that will help improve your odds of winning your bet. You also need to understand that just because a specific team is favored by a bookmaker does not mean the bookmaker is right. Regardless of the sport, the home team is generally chosen as the favorite by the bookmaker.

There are exceptions such as when the performance of a specific team is much better than normal. You need to consider all of the factors before you decide which team to bet on. You can learn a lot by taking a look at the games played by the two teams during the last few seasons. You can learn which team performs better at home or on the road. See which team does or does not have injured players.

The combination of remaining current with the opinions of experts and conducting research will teach you to find hidden values within the odds and you will know which teams are playing at full strength and the teams having a poor season. Consider everything you learn before you place your bet to ensure your team has the best chance of winning.