Why do People Like Ice Hockey ?

If people ask why people like hockey, the answer is simple. Hockey is more than a sport. Ice hockey is a sport that is played on ice. It is same with football, but the players use skating shoes so they could move fast on ice. Puck or ball in ice hockey is made of rubber. The goalkeeper works the same; they should keep the puck and never let it go in with the aircon. The group consists of 6 players and one of them plays as the goalkeeper. It might not be as popular as football, but it is so interesting to follow and watch. There have been several reasons why people love to watch and play hockey. First, the puck is one of the main reasons why people love Ice Hockey. You could see the puck. Some haters always say that why you have to play hockey while you will not see the puck. Meanwhile, all players do look the puck and get it on. If you watch on television, it is, of course, hard to see the puck. In fact, when you are in court, you will be able to see the puck clearly. If you are going to watch Ice Hockey to match to start loving is it, then you have to watch it on HD TV. It will be hard if you only watch regular TV.
If you want to make it more interesting, then you should choose the best quality of the stream. Another reason why people love Ice Hockey is the Stanley Cup. What is that? It is the championship in Ice Hockey. It might be one of the most prestigious championships in Ice Hockey. There will be no player getting the trophy unless they win the game and win the trophy. The tradition in lifting the trophy is just so amazing. The party with the champagne and more look great. Some players also sleep with the trophy next to their bed. The next reason why people like hockey is the 45 seconds. The players generally only play 30 seconds to a minute until they are replaced by the teammates. As the game is tough. the short timing is to maximize the talent and avoid severe injuries that usually happen in court. Watching the players shift is so interesting because you can see how creative they are in developing their game with the fast shifting.
The most wonderful thing about ice hockey is the sensation. It could easily make people squeal much. Although it looks great with the fast movement and shifting, it does not mean that this sport is no violence. There are lot of violent scenes that you could watch from live game. That is why we have no wonder if ice hockey needs parental guide if your children watch Ice Hockey. Blood and violence are just the part of game. There have been consents on it. if your kid starts watching ice hockey, you need to make sure that you are around them to educate and make sure that they are safe.