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Reference Title Type Price 
GE1 ISU Constitution and General Regulations 2008 (English) P 20 SFr
GE2 ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules– Single and Pair Skating and Ice Dance 2008 P 20 SFr
GE3 ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules – Synchronized Skating 2008 P 20 SFr
GE4 ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules – Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating 2008 P 20 SFr
GE5 Minutes of the 51th Ordinary Congress held at Budapest (Hungary) from June 26 to June 30 P 10 SFr
GE6 Skating in the Olympic Games (complete results of the Figure Skating, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating competitions, 1908 – 1994) P 40 SFr
GE7 The One Hundredth Anniversary History 1892 – 1992 P 90 SFr
GE8 ISU 100th Anniversary Video (produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) V 250 SFr
  Figure Skating      
FS1 Judges’ Manual Single Skating – 2001 Edition (incl. 1 CD) P 50 SFr
FS2 Judge’s Manual  Pair Skating 2000 Edition P 20 SFr
FS3 Single Figure Skating for beginners and Champions, by Prof. J. Dedic (1982 edition) P 20 SFr
FS6 Pair Skating as Sport and Art, by Tamara Moskvina and Igor Moskvin (revised 1992) P 15 SFr
FS8 Elements of Basic Skating Video (the fundamentals of Figure Skating by analyzing basic skating techniques) V 40 SFr
  Ice Dancing    
ID1 ISU Handbook – Ice Dancing 2003  (This manual for Ice Dance Judges and Referees has been produced by the IDTC and will also be useful to skaters and coaches.)
now including Compulsory Dance patterns and descriptions
P 20 SFr
ID2 Ice Dance Music Rhythms (CD and booklet) M 35 SFr
ID3 ISU Official Dance Music recorded for the 22 compulsory dances (produced in 1998, 4 CDs) and Midnight Blues + Rhumba d’Amore CD M 120 SFr 
ID4 Ice Dance Compulsory Dances DVD (Comprehensive study of the 23 Compulsory Dances to assist skaters, coaches and judges.)
In replacement of Ice Dance Technical Tape
DVD 50 SFr
ID5 Midnight Blues Compulsory Dance Instructional Video 2003 V 50 SFr
ID6 Ice Dance Music Midnight Blues + Rhumba d’Amore CD M 20 SFr
ID7 Ice Dance Music for Cha-Cha Congelado, Austrian Waltz, Golden Waltz, Silver Samba (produced in 1983, 1 CD) M 65 SFr
ID8 Instructional Package on the New Compulsory Dance – Finnstep
see Communication 1497 for details. Please use Order Form
Order Form Finnstep
DVD+M 50 SFr
ID9 The New Compulsory Dance – Finnstep
DVD only
DVD 35 SFr
ID10 The New Compulsory Dance – Finnstep
CD only
M 15 SFr
  Synchronized Skating    
SY1 ISU Linking Steps & Turns DVD 50 SFr
SY3 ISU Precision Team Skating Coaches Training Manual – Second Edition 1997 (teaching aid for the development of Synchronized Skating) P 25 SFr
SY4 Synchronized Skating Coaches’ Beginner Manual P 10 SFr
SY6 ISU Sychronized Technical Video – Transitions, movements in isolation and step sequences (2002 Edition and not updated with 2006 Rules) V 75 SFr
  Speed Skating    
SP1 Handbook of Competitive Speed Skating (1999 edition) P 40 SFr
SP2 Technique and biomechanics of speed skating : the Klapskate (edited by Jos de Koning and Henk Gemser) V 40 SFr
SP3 Package deal : ‘The Klapskate’ Video + ‘Handbook of Competitive Speed Skating’ V 60 SFr
  Short Track Speed Skating      
ST1 Short Track Speed Skating Handbook for officials 1999 (guidance to specific officials based on practical experiences) P 25 SFr
P Printed material    
V Video    
M Music    
DVD DVD     


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