Get to Know International Skating Union

Ice Skating has been one of the most popular ice sports that have attracted world through their beauty and their competition. There are several ice skating sports like figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating and synchronized skating. The reason why all of them are popular is that the governing body that has good work to boost the popularity. If the organization is good, then it could impact on the sport too. Thus, we have no wonder why now ice skating has been one of the most popular ice sports. The governing body behind its success is International Skating Union. All of the sports mentioned above are under ISU. It was established in Netherlands, July 1892. ISU is also one of the oldest sports federations in the world. Although it was founded in Netherland, now the Head Quarter is in Switzerland. The aim of this federation was to connect the amateur competitors to the competitive competition then ISU held skating championship in 1896. Then in 1907, Canada and USA formed ISUA before Cupom.
The next two years, there had been 12 European countries joining in USA. North American and European figure skaters could not compete for each other because they had different styles then ISU arranged the competition and the standard. Figure skating had been the first competition that was arranged by the ISU. As time went, there was short track speed skating competition to bring ISU in another level of governing body in ice sport. Under ISU, there had been so many issues on figure skating and other skating sports cleared and overcome by the governing body because it could help all the players in the world to get to meet the key point on their competition. Imagine if there wasn’t ISU to hold the competition, then it might be awkward to bring the figure skating with different styles and no standard at it. The credibility of ISU should not be denied because they had been working for more than a century.
It is just impossible to think that there is such manipulation on several games that is suspected as one of the main sources of ISE to get profit. It is not true that ISU had been manipulating the competition just to make them rich and get more attention by giving more money for the award of the competition. Some people may think that they just try to make the sport popular so they put award on it. However, the award like money and trophy should not be the same because the pride is not comparable. We all know that figure skating, speed skating, and short track speed skating have been the most popular sports in ice sport after ice hockey and others. ISU also works hard to make every sport in it becoming more progressive and advanced. It is a must to make everything getting better because we know that it will be good for the players and fans when ISU also contribute the peace in the competition for better humanity.