ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating in Japan

Who waits for the ISU World Team Trophy in figure skating? In 2019, it will be held in Fukuoka during April. As we know that it had been held in Tokyo, but for the 2019 edition, it will be in Fukuoka. For those who update their figure skating news, it is not something new because […]

Why do People Like Ice Hockey ?

If people ask why people like hockey, the answer is simple. Hockey is more than a sport. Ice hockey is a sport that is played on ice. It is same with football, but the players use skating shoes so they could move fast on ice. Puck or ball in ice hockey is made of rubber. […]

Why is Figure Skating Popular ?

In America, figure skating is less popular if it is compared to Japan and Korea. Since Mirai Nagasu and her brother own a medal at Winter Olympic 2018, figure skating has been a new thing in America. People tend to look for about the news like how to play figure skating, how to be figure […]

Get to Know International Skating Union

Ice Skating has been one of the most popular ice sports that have attracted world through their beauty and their competition. There are several ice skating sports like figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating and synchronized skating. The reason why all of them are popular is that the governing body that has good […]